How to measure resonant frequency with oscilloscope

The impedance is purely real at at the resonant frequency when =(Z) = 0, or != p1 LC. At resonance the impedance takes on a minimal value. It’s worthwhile to investigate the cause of resonance, or the cancellation of the reactive components due to the inductor and capacitor. Since the inductor and capacitor voltages are always 180 out of ... frequency.(This is the resonant frequency f res of the parallel-tuned circuit). f res = U res = Part 2.A Measuring the resonant curve. 5. Connect Y 1 (€ 200 mV cm) to measuring point B. Set U 1 to U res = 1.2 V pp (6 divisions.). 6. Measure the output for frequencies above and below the resonance frequency. 7. Tabulate the results and draw a ...

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The light-beam oscilloscope is suitable for frequencies of up to around 10 kHz. The cathode ray oscilloscope deflects the beam from a cathode ray tube (Braun tube) in proportion to the input signal and time. With a cathode ray oscilloscope, it is possible to represent things on the screen, set things down on paper and save curves.

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Frequency offset can be measured in frequency domain and time domain. In frequency domain, it is directly measured by measuring frequency output using frequency counter. F offset = { (F measured - F nominal)/ F nominal} F nominal is specified output frequency of oscillator on its nameplate. F measured is the reading from frequency counter. Measure the potentiometer to obtain the resistive component. Measure the test capacitor to obtain the capacitance. The reactive component is calculated as follows: X c = 1/(2πFC) where: X c is the capacitive reactance in ohms, F is the operating frequency in Hz, and C is the measured capacitance in farads.

r equals the initial frequency for E c. 2. Set E c to 4 Vp-p and e m to 1 Vp-p (make sure the Function Generator is set to HI-Z termination.) Set the scope sweep time to 5 msec/cm and LINE SYNC. With S1 closed and S2 open, probe with the Oscilloscope and draw the waveform at point A. Include in your drawing the P-P amplitude and frequency(s). 3. Measure the voltage swing of a set of capacitors and find out which one is closest to a resonance frequency of 13.56 MHz. For a given value of C tune1 , C tune2 , and R IN_OHM , vary the frequency of the poller antenna using a signal generator (13-14 MHz) and measure the maximum voltage swing between the pins NFC1 and NFC2 using an oscilloscope in differential mode. Place the microphone next to the oscilloscope and place the speaker about 50 cm away, facing the microphone. Turn on the signal generator and set it to about 4 kHz. Adjust the oscilloscope to show the microphone signal with about three cycles on the screen. 3.

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