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An easement only grants restricted use of the property as detailed in the deed of easement and plat, and is not a transfer in real estate ownership. For this reason, easements are usually obtained through donations or negotiations. There are two types of easements commonly employed in the construction of public water and sewer utility projects. With an easement the landowner may reserve the right to use the property for planting crops or pasturing animals in rural areas, for example. But the use must not be incompatible with the rights granted in the easement. Most utility line easements today specify the location and width of the right-of-way. Some older easements were frequently ... Easements are part and parcel of the land they affect. They don’t change when the property changes hands. Subsequent owners are obliged to let whoever owns the easement use the property, so anyone buying a house should be sure to find out exactly what easements a property is subject to before finalizing the purchase. operate a new 46,000 volt electric power line over the Hise property. Following that proceeding, the power company installed new poles and lines within the original 30-foot easement and transferred its original lines to the new poles. This article looks at right-of-way easements in Maine. Right-of-way easements are a common type of easement in the state, and this article is meant to provide a basic overview of this legal right, how the right comes to be, who holds it, what it provides and how this right can be lost. Article available free here. Contents: I. Express Easement a.

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Dec 20, 2020 · Most commonly, easements are granted to utility companies to run power lines and cable lines. However, you may also grant an easement to your neighbor if your property is in the way of his access to a road, or to anyone else who needs to have a legal right to access your land. Temporary Easement L Ine T25168 ON 309B EXIST, DOC. 169 601 334' 751 751 PARCEL 1/16 EXIST. 309 3094 26 169 R/W DOC. 169 TACONITE PERMANENT INTEREST FEE FEE NO. 31-164 3116 (169=35) PARC L 309A SEI 74 z 4 309B 0 616416 o ) OCC>OG 50 POWER LINE EASE. NO. SURVEY STANDARDS 2. 3. The plat values, az Tmuths, and distances are based on the

power line easement. 1 2 In planning transmission lines, Idaho Power works to avoid agricultural operations whenever possible. However, there are occasions when a line must be routed through these areas. Idaho Power will work with farmers and crop dusters to understand aerial operations (e.g. crop dusting) in agricultural areas

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